Math Centers for the Whole Year!

I have been busy, busy with my son, Theo these past 6 weeks, but I was able to finish up my Christmas math centers I had started before he was born!

Every month, I make 6 different themed centers based on what we are learning at the time. They are Common Core aligned and by the end of the year, each math standard will be addressed in these packs. I made these December centers with my previous ones in mind. Each month has different centers, but include similar games and activities - just with harder material. They are scaffolded, so that as the teacher you can spend less time teaching HOW to complete each activity and more time focusing on the content.

If you liked any of my previous math centers, these may be just perfect for you and your students!

Here are 2 of my Santa Math centers:

 10 more and 10 less practice! Students practice matching (and reading -BONUS!) the Santa with the numbers that are 10 less and 10 more. They then record the answers on their recording sheet.

Making 20. In October's math centers (Pumpkin Math), there is a similar activity which requires students to find the missing addend to make 10. This activity is the same except with 20! Students choose a present card, cover up that many presents, and figure out how many more they need to make 20. They then record the missing addend on the recording sheet.

These, along with 4 more centers are included in my newest unit, Santa math:

I also decided to bundle the all seasonal centers together to save some money. They aren't all complete YET, but each month (September through June) will be uploaded by the 25th of each previous month. The bundle will be 400+ pages by the end! Already included in the bundle are also the following:

Here are the upcoming months' themes:
Snowman Math - January
Heart Math - February
Leprechaun Math - March
Bunny Math - April
Camping Math - May
Summer Math - June

I have the bundle AND the already uploaded units on sale through tomorrow night for even more of a discount :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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