January Math Centers - Snowman Math!

While I have spent most of the past week drinking and eating and loving the holiday season, I found some time to post my January math centers and wanted to share them with you all!

This month's theme is all about SNOW!

As always with my math centers, they are set up the same as the previous months, review a bit from before, and cover some new concepts. Some of the new activities include:

Snowy is Missing!
In this center, students have to figure out the number pattern (2s, 5s, or 10s) of each card and find the snowman that fits in the middle.
A new skill included in this unit is non-standard measurement.
Snowy Footprints is a fun center that the students love! It requires a little bit of prep, but it is definitely worth it. While the kids are out of the room, you tape the 8 different footprint paths on the floor of the classroom. Students receive their own snowman measurement tools and walk around to see how far each snowman walked. This center allows the students to practice non-standard measurement. It can also be used over and over again since the teacher determines how many footprints go behind each letter.

There are 4 more centers included in Snowman math that you can check out by clicking the image below:

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Oh, and I hope everyone had a VERY, merry Christmas!! Our little family sure did :)


Addition in First Grade!

I love teaching addition in the younger grades. After we have built a strong number sense, we start with simple addition using manipulatives. We use buttons, cubes, gameboard pieces, etc. Basically anything we can get our hands on. Developmentally, I believe this is exactly what my first graders need to learn addition. 

They need to see it. 
Feel it. 
Understand it.

I want all those things before we practice quick math facts and math strategies. Once they can show me an addition sentence and find the sum, we move onto different addition strategies. Last year, I  created a subtraction unit that we used and loved [see post here] Naturally, I wanted to make a similar addition one. The same set-up, but with addition facts (up to 20) and addition strategies.

Take a look below to see some of the activities that are included:

Add it up! This hands-on activity is where we start. We use different colored cubes or game pieces to build and add and find the sum. Most of the cards only use two colors (2 addends), but I made some with 3 to get us familiar with adding three numbers together at the same time.

Add and Color! This was one my students FAVORITE games in the subtraction unit, so it was an easy choice to make the same game, but for addition.

Some fun anchor charts:
and much more!

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